About Barok

The BAROK slipper is the reference of the luxury moroccan slipper called babouche. It is sold in New York on Broadway and is exhibited as a contemporary art object in a museum in Jerusalem.

Our company

Barok is a Moroccan luxury brand launched in 2020 with a flagship product of Moroccan craftsmanship: the babouche (moroccan famous slippers).
Our company employs full-time Master Craftsmen with a working contract and health insurance. They have all been trained by us to learn the rigor and the sense of perfect finish.
Since the beginning, we have taken many steps towards the valorization of Moroccan handicrafts. We have collaborated with international designer Hicham Lahlou on a limited edition Alflila that respects the ancestral knowledge of our Master Craftsmen of Fez and the finishing touches of a major luxury brand. In addition to being an international commercial success, the Alflila babouche we created is on display at the Museum On The Seam in Jerusalem as a contemporary work of art that had a positive social impact during the containment.
Our collections of slippers are sold in the heart of the Soho district in New York. They have traveled the world with international artists. The Barok slippers are very popular with American, German, Indian and Bulgarian designers and stylists and many international influencers are delighted to wear them at fashion events. We innovated by creating the Balaine; a woolen babouche with vegetable tanned sheepskin inside the babouche. It was last winter’s best seller. We also launched the Summer In Fez collection with bright colors and an interior made of absorbent lambskin using a vanished tanning method.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the value of Moroccan craftsmanship by bringing design, rigor and a very high level of finishing.
Our knowledge is our wealth. Our design is the reflection of it.
Operational design so that all our slippers are the same.
Functional design so that our slippers are comfortable and durable.
Aesthetic design so that our slippers are beautiful.

The Founder

The Barok adventure began following a video shared with me in confinement showing the medina of Fez looking like an abandoned city in the Wild West. This video caught my attention. Why is the source of knowledge and know-how abandoned in the middle of a lockdown? Why has the city of my origins and those that gave me so much lost all its splendor?
So I decided to create a luxury brand that promotes the ancestral knowledge of the Master Craftsmen of the medina of Fez: Barok. I started with the Kherrazas Masters by creating a babouche that respects the ancestral knowledge of the Kherrazas Masters of Fez and to which I brought my strategic, operational, functional and aesthetic design. In June 2020, I launched the brand and since then, I have been selling luxury babouches every day in Morocco and abroad.
This adventure led me to become a creator, designer and entrepreneur in the luxury craft industry. I left my comfort zone and my advertising suit in an international communication consulting agency in Casablanca for babouches in the heart of the medina of Fez. I put my 20 years of professional experience at the service of the Master Craftsmen of the medina of Fez and today I am very happy and proud.
Nabil Slaoui
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