Terms of Sales

These general conditions of sale govern all relations between the customer and the e-commerce site www.babouchebarok.ma represented by the company Barok Artisanat du Maroc, located at Office n ° 28, 4th floor Office Assafae Rte de Sefrou Av Moulay Rachid Fès Maroc, RC 64685, IF47277909. They act as a contract. Any order placed on this site assumes the customer’s unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions.

These conditions are subject to change, however each user is only affected by the conditions in force when ordering.

The validation of an order constitutes an electronic signature on the part of the user by which he undertakes to respect all the general conditions of sale. This contract is a distance contract which aims to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the sale of the products of the company Barok Artisanat du Maroc, on the internet, through the platform of the Center. Interbank electronic banking.

All disputes that may arise during the execution or interpretation of these General Conditions of Sale will fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of the Commercial Court of Fez.

Price :
The prices displayed on www.babouchebarok.ma are inclusive of all taxes (TTC).
The total price to pay is displayed clearly during the final phase of the purchase process, the user therefore only validates his order after having read the total amount to be paid.

The prices in force are those displayed on www.babouchebarok.ma at the time of the order, the customer is therefore not affected by any promotion, offer or reduction prior or subsequent to his purchase.

Availablity :
The product offers offered on www.babouchebarok.ma are only valid within the limit of available stock.

If one of the products ordered is not available, the customer will receive an e-mail informing him of either the change in the delivery time, or the cancellation of the order and therefore its refund.

It should be noted that the unavailability of a product does not in any way commit Barok Artisanat du Maroc to pay compensation costs to the customer, the latter will only receive a refund of the amount he has paid.

Delivery time and costs:
Barok Artisanat du Maroc ensures delivery to its customers at the address indicated when ordering. The delivery time depends on the availability of the products, the payment method chosen, as well as the type of delivery that the user has selected.

Barok slippers are made to order by our Master Craftsmen from the imperial city of Fez in Morocco. It takes 3 days for the making of your slipper.

Delivery to Morocco is via Amana. It takes 7 working days between making and delivery.

Delivery is made worldwide by DHL. Delivery times vary between 10 days and 30 days depending on the destination.

The delivery time is calculated in working days, however it remains indicative and cannot give rise to complaints from the customer if the delay from the supposed delivery date is less than 7 days. Beyond this period (delivery time + 7 days) the customer can request the cancellation of his order.

The delivery time is calculated from the moment the order is validated, that is to say after receipt of payment and not before. If the customer has decided to cancel his order for a delay in delivery exceeding the aforementioned deadlines, he will be refunded.

The delivery costs depend on the weight of the products purchased, the total amount of the order and the type of delivery that the user has chosen. This amount is clearly displayed on the buyer’s invoice.

For Morocco, delivery is free.
For the International, the charges applied are those practiced by the company DHL to support the Handicrafts of Morocco.

Upon receipt of the goods, the customer is required to check the products he has purchased and to report any damage or non-compliance found through a complaint sent by email to the following address: service.client@babouchebarok .ma within 48 hours.

Refund conditions :
By purchasing a Barok slipper, you benefit from the “satisfied or refunded” service 14 days after receipt of your order.

Refunds or exchanges of items already worn are not supported.
The shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer in case of refund or exchange.
In the event of an exchange, the customer must return the new product in its original condition to Barok Artisanat du Maroc.
Payment :
In Morocco, the customer has three payment methods to pay for his purchases: payment by credit card, bank transfer, and cash on delivery payment.

These three payment methods are governed by Moroccan laws and any attempt at fraud is severely punished by the laws in force.

Internationally, the customer has only one payment method: payment by credit card.

In the case of payment by credit card, the transaction is remitted for debit from your account within the day following the date of the delivery confirmation.

Your Multi-channel payments are secured by the Center Monétique Interbancaire (CMI) which offers a fully secure payment service. The Consumer guarantees to the Company Barok Artisanat du Maroc that he has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment chosen by him, during the validation of his order.

In the event of payment by bank card, the provisions relating to the fraudulent use of the means of payment provided for in the agreements concluded between the Consumer and the card issuer between the Company Barok Artisanat du Maroc and its banking establishment apply.
This payment can be made by a Moroccan or foreign bank card. The user’s personal data is encrypted during the transaction on the CMI platform to guarantee the strictest confidentiality.
The customer is therefore required to communicate sincere and proven information, any false information is considered fraudulent and could lead to the cancellation of the order and be subject to legal proceedings. In addition, he guarantees to the site that he has the necessary authorizations to use this method of payment.

The credit card payment system is certified by the CMI, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and all Moroccan banks.

In the event of payment by bank card, the customer may be asked for supporting documents in order to verify his identity and in order to prevent any attempt at fraud.

Payment by bank transfer does not allow the products to be reserved. The order is only validated after receipt of payment. Beyond a period of 15 days, if the company Barok Artisanat du Maroc does not receive a transfer to the following account: (RIB: XXXXXXXXXX –Bank of Africa), the order is canceled. The customer should take into consideration that a wire transfer requires at least 48 hours for the money to be transferred from one account to another.
For practical reasons, the user must indicate the number of his order as a reference for his transfer. The validation of an order paid by bank transfer is only done after receipt of the latter.

Any order with cash on delivery payment is carefully checked by the fraud control service of Barok Artisanat du Maroc. This therefore requires a processing time before validation. Once validated, it is sent to the customer who must pay the amount of his purchases in cash to the postman. In case of refusal of payment
on behalf of the customer, the company reserves the right to sue him.

This method of payment is not applicable to all orders but only to certain products and for amounts not exceeding 6,000.00 (Six Thousand) DH including tax for the entire order.

Proof of transactions paid by credit card:
The data recorded by the CMI on the Multi-channel payment platform on behalf of the company Barok Artisanat du Maroc constitutes proof of all commercial transactions between the client and the company Barok Artisanat du Maroc on www. babouchebarok.ma.

Right to retract :
By law, the customer has a withdrawal period of 7 days from the day of receipt of the package. To this end, each customer is required to communicate to us by email the same day the date of receipt of the said package, where applicable, we will consider that it was received 2 days after the date of shipment.
When the seven-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, it is extended until the next working day.

However, this right to withdrawal is subject to certain conditions:
– The product must not have been used. It must be intact as it was sent, otherwise it is no longer refundable.
– Shipping and return costs are the responsibility of the customer.
– In the case of payment by credit card, processing fees are deducted from the amount to be reimbursed, which can reach 2.5% of the amount of the order. Reimbursement is made within a maximum of 15 days.

Intellectual property :
All the content on the site www.babouchebarok.ma (texts, images, videos, etc.) is the property of Barok Artisanat du Maroc.
Any attempt to reproduce is considered illegal and fraudulent, so it would be subject to legal action.

Force majeure:
The company Barok Artisanat du Maroc is held for the performance of its obligations only insofar as no event of force majeure comes to hinder them.

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